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Get your business out there to subscribers of Dance News Worldwide and also our sister company, Popdance

The current audience is as follows:
Dance News Worldwide instagram – 182+ (this is a relatively new account which is growing – it’s made up of everyone interested in dance, fitness and wellbeing)
Dance Teacher Community facebook group – 4,300+ – all dance teachers
Dance News Worldwide Website – the News Round Ups remain on our site for people to refer back to
Dance Teachers group on LinkedIn – 1,138+ members – all dance teachers
PopdanceWorld instagram – 1,780+ – dance teachers as well as dance participants
PopdanceWorld on twitter – 2,623+ – dance teachers as well as dance participants
PopdanceWorld on facebook – 1,100+ – dance teachers as well as dance participants
Our database – 4,404+ – dance teachers
Our database – 5,709+ – dance participants
Total: 21,236+

Featuring your logo, links to your website, a paragraph about you and your business AND a short video (if you have one – provided by you) – it’s a fantastic opportunity to get your business out there.

Book your business to feature – there are only 12 per year