Marketing Student Wanted

Job description: Marketing Students/Entrepreneurs

Bespoke Dance Education is offering a Student Internship Opportunity for a student or group of students (max of 4).

ABOUT COMPANY: Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education provides customized education in all aspects of dance (movement, science, and culture) to dance teachers, professors, interested students, and curious practitioners by synthesizing dance theory and practice in one space through training, courses, and educational program design. We focus on delivering functional research-based knowledge to enhance the health of dancers, increase the awareness of the historical roots of dance aesthetics, and strengthen the understanding of applied dance technique.

PROJECT SCOPE: Our organization is offering an unpaid internship or class project (with potential for future paid projects) for Marketing and Social Media Management for marketing students or teams to start as soon as possible. We are looking for help to increase our online presence. It is expected that students work closely with our team to convey the right technical messaging into attractive terms using our branding guidelines. The nature of our messaging involves biomechanics education, academic research, and technical expertise for coaches and dancers, so familiarity with anatomical, academic and dance/fitness language is required. The primary focus for the student(s) will be:

· Strategic Social Media Marketing

– Conduct an audit of our current social media presence and/or other current communication channel(s); develop and implement strategies for improving our online presence and increasing engagement; create a content calendar for social media; prepare useable social media and blog posts working closely with our technical information lead and art director.

· Public Relations

– Help develop and implement a PR strategy; create collateral, including press releases, and content for marketing our company and products. Help with identifying key messaging for conveying our message to coaches, dancers, and researchers in an easy and marketable way.

· SEO Strategy & Recommendations

– Develop and implement an SEO strategy; provide content suggestions and recommendations to increase search visibility; increase our inbound traffic and optimize the customer journey; increase inbound leads.

· Market Research – Help develop and conduct customer surveys or focus groups to gain insights into the perceptions and behaviors of our target customers. Our goal at the end of this experience is:

· Strategic Social Media Marketing – For the student(s) to help us improve our online presence, reach more customers, and effectively promote our brand through compelling content.

· Public Relations – For the student(s) to help us effectively communicate our brand’s story and mission to a broad audience.

· SEO Strategy & Recommendations – For the student(s) to help us generate more traffic and revenue through search engines.

· Market Research – For the student(s) to help us gain a better understanding of our target market and ensure we are optimally positioned, and our product and pricing aligns with our target sector/customer.

Other duties the student may complete could include:

· Assist with outbound email marketing campaigns as needed using Mail Chimp’s email campaign system.

· Potentially help on occasion with content development, including social posts, blog posts, LinkedIn articles, and website copy.

· We plan to communicate with our virtual intern(s) using these communication tools: Zoom and email.

Required Skills:

· Highly motivated individual with a strong initiative.

Great communicator (verbal and written communication), and able to use this communication to make content marketable –interest or some experience in academic/kinesiology/dance language is necessary.

· Experience creating successful social media posts or email campaigns – prefer tangible evidence that you have helped grow social media channels or a website.

· Able to follow directions effectively and in a timely manner.

· Understanding of branding guidelines.

To Apply: Email Dr. David Outevsky at with a title “Internship”. Attach your cover letter and a resume. Please indicate how your skills relate to this posting and the number of hours you are interested in contributing.

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