Dance Business Lab

Hi, my name is Deborah Laws.
I am a multi passionate dancepreneur. My passion is facilitating the learning and business growth of those running dance businesses, in order to create the lifestyle and school of their dreams.

I am a firm believer that most dance bosses work far too hard for far too little and this is due to an industry mindset that has historically taught us that you can not own a great business and be a dance teacher.

My mission is to change this one dance school owner at a time! Via my memberships, masterclasses, seminars, retreats and live events I teach all the basics of running a well oiled, profitable dance business.

I myself ran children’s dance schools and franchises for many years up until 2020 when I founded Dance Business Lab. I now have over 120 members from all around the world that benefit not just from my years of experience but from my more recent studies into business in the performing arts industry. I am also an examiner for the ISTD. I am an approved tutor delivering the Istd diploma in dance education, a guest speaker, and motivational coach.